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To provide assistance to the residents of Payagan and focus on youth and elderly health and recreation


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  • To become a means of philantrophic deeds for anybody who wishes to extend a helping hand to Payagan

Congratulations !!!
Dr. Puri Lorena Pascual - Residency in Internal Med
April Fernandez - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology

High School
* Arianne Diozon * Shelley Kristin Delgado * Kristie Alley Delgado *

  • For Payagan to have a well established recreational center and program

In Memory of

* Pepito Jose * Valentine Unite * Eugene Molina * Addon Rabanal *


Adela Molina - President

Link to Complete List of Officers 2009-2011

Givers Section:

" I think the great livers, the people who are fully self-actualizing and alive are the great givers." - Mark Victor Hanser



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